Hard decisions

One thing that we always find hard when getting ready for a show is what to take with us from our product range.  We’re given a fixed amount of space to work with and it’s never enough to take the full range so some hard choices need to be made.  These choices have been made even harder since we expanded our product range recently and it can sometimes feel a bit like being forced to choose between your children!  Do we have room for an Ailsa or two, or should we bring the Arisaig?  Will the Ettrick be upset if we leave it behind for a Strathearn?

It’s particularly difficult making this decision for the Makers Market as it is showcasing the best of Scottish design and production; therefore we want to bring everything!   We can foresee a few late nights of decisions, counter-decisions and overruled decisions before we finally pack the van for this event.


About Dunmore Scotland

Dunmore Scotland is a vibrant new fashion label producing striking bags and accessories. Inspired by Scotland and made exclusively in the UK, each and every collection is crafted to guarantee outstanding quality of craftsmanship.

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If you have your eye on one of Dunmore Scotland's gorgeous hand-made bags, don't hesitate or it might sell out!
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