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Emigration forms a huge part of Scotland’s history – both voluntary and enforced.  We all know the story of the Highland Clearances with Scots cleared off their land and sent to the colonies by landlords wanting the land for sheep farming.  Equally so, many people purposefully chose to make the journey from Scotland to far-flung corners of the world, including Andrew Carnegie (Dunfermline to Pittsburgh) and the fictional Frasers of Outlander.

It is presumably down to this long history of emigration that we find Scottish town names all over the globe.  For example, there are several Perths around the world – the original in Scotland and four more in Canada, the US, and not one but two in Australia.  There are lots of Aberdeens – eight in the US and one in Jamaica, in addition to the Granite City in Scotland.  There’s an Ayr in Australia, as well as a Dunkeld.

Camusdarch beach, Arisaig – the Scottish one

There’s also an Arisaig in Canada, a place which shares its name with the beautiful west coast village of Arisaig in Scotland.  Arisaig is also the name of our large weekend leather holdall, perfect for travelling around the world in style.   Like all Dunmore Scotland pieces, it’s designed and made in Scotland and you’ll certainly stand out at baggage claim with this luxurious leather holdall.

Travel in style – the Arisaig holdall

Finally, you might be interested to know that the town name works both ways – Scotland is home to a Moscow, California and Mount Florida!

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