Silk Scarf with Pink Elephant Pattern

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Silk scarves have been specifically designed for Dunmore Scotland and produced in small numbers which makes them unique. This 100% silk crepe de chine is digitally printed and finished in the UK. It has stunning images of bright pink elephants surrounded by hand drawn images of the Forth Road Bridge which is situated a few miles outside of Edinburgh. It also has our Dunmore Scotland Pineapple logo in the corner of the scarf. This Silk Scarf drapes beautifully and would compliment any outfit.

This scarf is made from silk crepe de chine. Crepe de Chine is a light and fine plain woven fabric produced either with all-silk warp and weft directions and known as right-hand and left-hand twist. During the finishing operation, because of the abnormal amount of twist in the picks of filling, these tend to untwist and recover their normal or else with a silk warp and hard-spun worsted weft. A crepe de Chine texture has a slightly crepe character, a feature produced by the use of weft, or filling, yarns spun with the twist running in reverse condition, thereby causing the characteristic effect of typical crepe de Chine.

The production of silk originates in China in the Neolithic times. Silk remained confined to China until the Silk Road opened at some point during the later half of the 1st millennium BC. China maintained its virtual monopoly over silk production for another thousand years.
Silk cultivation eventually spread to Japan around 300 AD and the Crusades brought silk production to Western Europe, in particular to many Italian states, which saw an economic boom exporting silk to the rest of Europe.

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Scotland has a rich heritage in textile manufacturing and this includes silk weaving. There were silk mills across the country and the silk for HM The Queen’s wedding and coronation dresses being woven in Dunfermline, Fife.


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Silk crepe de chine


92 x 92 cms approx

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