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Scott Green Silk Scarf .  Looking to add a touch of tartan elegance to your outfit? This tartan scarf is made from the beautiful and traditional Scott Green Tartan medium weight kilt tartan.   This is a lovely tartan formed from soft green, blue and black  with  thin stripes in white, gold and red – a scarf to match all outfits.    It is made from medium weight kilt tartan and lined in beautiful luxurious egg shell green 100% raw silk.  It will keep you warm but also remains very elegant.  Please note that the pattern of each scarf may vary slightly.

This tartan scarf is part of a larger range of tartan scarves that are produced by Dunmore Scotland, which includes a choice of tartans and linings, including silk, velvet and warm fleece.  You may view the full range under our accessories banner on the left hand menu on this page. Each Dunmore Scotland tartan scarf is Dry Clean Only.


Tartan is literally woven into Scotland’s history.  This coloured patterned fabric is first mentioned in the mid 16th century and each pattern and colour could tell onlookers where you were from and which clan you belonged to.  Earlier tartans were much more muted than those we see today, with natural dyes being used to create the colours.   Originally used as a long piece of cloth designed to be worn primarily around the waist and draped over the shoulder, tartan went on to develop into the bright coloured patterns we use today in our designs.  From humble beginnings in Scotland, tartan is now worn and recognised around the world.

To read more about Scottish Clan and their Tartans please click on the following link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_clan

The full range of this bag can be found in tote bags in our Heritage Range.

All Dunmore Scotland products are designed and made in Scotland using the finest local materials that we can source.  All products are shipped to you directly from our headquarters in the scenic Scottish Borders.  For shipping costs please go to the bottom of our Home Page or click on the following link  https://www.dunmorescotland.com/customer-service/delivery-returns/


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Kilt Tartan medium weight


Raw Silk


L180 x W17 cms approx

L70 x W6.75 inches approx

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