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The Throw is made in Gunn Tartan and is a throw to make any living area or bedroom feel luxurious.   The bright greens and blues are complimented with a thick black stripe and a fine red strip which gives the throw a feeling of warmth and welcoming and it can also be used outside in the garden, taken on picnics or down to the beach.   A very versatile piece to have and which will last for years and years.

The Throw in Gunn Tartan is made from medium weight kilt tartan and lined in complimentary soft forest greeen fleece.  To view all our Throws please click on the following link

The following is some history about Clan Gunn is a Highland Scottish clan associated with lands in northeastern Scotland, including Caithness, Sutherland and, arguably, the Orkney Isles. Clan Gunn is one of the oldest Scottish Clans, being descended from the Norse Jarls of Orkney and the Pictish Mormaers of Caithness.  The first ‘chief’ of the Clan Gunn to appear in historical records definitively was George Gunn, who was the coroner of Caithness during the 15th century.[8] The later Celtic patronymic of the Gunn chiefs may have been MacSheumais Chataich, however ‘George’ Gunn was widely known as Am Braisdeach Mor which means the great brooch-wearer.[8] This was due to the insignia that was worn by him as coroner.[8] George is said to have held court at his Clyth Castle in such splendor that it would rival any Highland chief.[8]

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Each Dunmore Scotland Throw is designed and made in Scotland using locally sourced materials wherever possible.  They are despatched to you from our HQ in the Scottish Borders. For postage/shipping charge click here for more details

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189 x 135 cms approx

74.5 x 53 inches approx

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