Ailsa Bucket Tote Tartan Black Watch

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The Ailsa Bucket Tartan Tote is made in Black Watch medium weight kilt tartan. It comes in the iconic design of dark navy and green tartan with matching leather handles. The Black Watch tote is an extremely attractive bag that will match many an outfit and give that outfit a little bit of style.

The inside of the Black Watch Tartan Tote Bag is lined with thick proofed canvas which makes it both waterproof and also helps keep the shape of the bag. The bottom of the tartan tote bag is solid and this helps maintain the bucket shape design and stops the bag flopping even when items are placed in it. The black handles are in saddle hide leather and compliment the black and navy in the tartan. Inside the bag there is one open pocket and one zipped pocket, perfect for keeping keys, phone, makeup and other valuables in. The tartan tote bag is closed at the top with a strong popper for further security.

The Aila Black Watch Tote can be provided with long handles £105 (Exc UK Tax £87.50).  Waiting time 4 weeks.   See sample of Harris Tweed Ailsa with Long handles in gallery images

Dunmore Scotland also have a matching Black Watch Tartan Scarf which is lined in fleece.  Click this link to check

Tartan is literally woven into Scotland’s history. This coloured patterned fabric is first mentioned in the mid 16th century and each pattern and colour could tell onlookers where you were from and which clan you belonged to. Earlier tartans were much more muted than those we see today, with natural dyes being used to create the colours. Originally used as a long piece of cloth designed to be worn primarily around the waist and draped over the shoulder, tartan went on to develop into the bright coloured patterns we use today in our designs. From humble beginnings in Scotland, tartan is now worn and recognised around the world.

To learn more about Scottish Tartans click on the following link

Like all Dunmore Scotland bags, this Black Watch Tote Bag is designed and made in Scotland using locally sourced materials where possible.

AILSA £99.00 (Exc. UK Tax £82.50)


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Black Proofed Canvas


Hard base 27 x 13 cms (approx.)


Black Saddle Leather


W38 (top) x W33 (bottom) x H28 cms approx

In Stock

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Dunmore Scotland is a vibrant new fashion label producing striking bags and accessories. Inspired by Scotland and made exclusively in the UK, each and every collection is crafted to guarantee outstanding quality of craftsmanship.

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The design is stunning and quality of the leather and little details like the amazing suede lining means all of my girlfriends have been asking where I got it from...
S Benson, Northumberland Read More Testimonials