Ailsa Bucket Tote Tartan Douglas Green Ancient

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Whether you have Scottish ancestry or no connection to Scotland, this is a bag to be seen with.  The Douglas Green Ancient Tartan has wonderful vibrant, clean colours which encompass the green of the land  and the blue of the sky.   These colours give a zing to any outfit you may be wearing,

The inside of the Tote Bag is lined with thick black proofed canvas which makes it waterproof and helps keep the shape and give it body.  The bottom of the Douglas Green Ancient Tartan Tote Bag is solid which again helps keep the shape of the “bucket” design and stop items put in the bag making the base flop and drop.  The handles are made of high quality saddle leather in black which gives the bag a strong feeling.  Inside the bag there is one open pocket and one zipped pocket for valuables.  The bag itself is closed at the top with a strong popper for further security.

Tartan is literally woven into Scotland’s history.  This coloured patterned fabric is first mentioned in the mid 16th century and each pattern and colour could tell onlookers where you were from and which clan you belonged to.  Earlier tartans were much more muted than those we see today, with natural dyes being used to create the colours.   Originally used as a long piece of cloth designed to be worn primarily around the waist and draped over the shoulder, tartan went on to develop into the bright coloured patterns we use today in our designs.  From humble beginnings in Scotland, tartan is now worn and recognised around the world.

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For further information on Clans and their tartans click on the following link

The pattern design may differ slightly in each bag due to the position of the tartan fabric

AILSA £105.00

Our Ailsa Bucket Tote in Tartan Douglas Green Ancient is, like all our Dunmore bags and accessories, made in Scotland using locally sourced materials where possible.


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Hard base 27 x 13 cms (approx.)


Proofed Canvas


W38 (top) x W33 (Bottom) x H28 cms approx

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